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Emma wore a Cartier Women’s Tank Solo Watch to the “Mujeres a la par” event held at the Uruguar Parliament.Cartier Women’s Tank Solo Watch - £2404.61Worn with: Boucheron Quatre Black Edition Wedding Band
Emma wore a Cartier Women’s Tank Solo Watch to the “Mujeres a la par” event held at the Uruguar Parliament.

Cartier Women’s Tank Solo Watch - £2404.61

Worn with: Boucheron Quatre Black Edition Wedding Band

Anonymous asked: Emma appeared at Uruguay for "UnWomen" she was beautifull, as always.

I just managed to see the pictures from the phone and she was absolutely stunning. I really want to write a makeup guide for the look, as soon as I can! xx

Anonymous asked: Thanks ! I appreciate you looking for the necklace and I love your site <3

Thank you for being patient, darling, I am going crazy without internet at home but it should be just for a few more days and then I will be able to look for stuff 24/7 :P xx

Anonymous asked: Do you know what necklace emma watson is wearing when she graduated from Brown and when she was moving out of her apartment recently ?

Hey! It looks like this one she’s been wearing but I don’t thin they are the same… I’ll look for it! xx

Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that I have been moving to a new flat in the past couple of days and things have been a bit crazy. Also, they just told us that they won’t set up our internet until the 23rd -.- I’ll try to log in to reply to your messages every day, but apologies for my forced absence :( xx

Anonymous asked: Hey I found a really similar sweater to the side zip sweater Emma wore in Heathrow airport, it's from Sheinside and called the Beige long sleeve side zipper sweater :)

Thank you darling!! xx

Anonymous asked: hey, do you know what emma wore in this video? youtube(.)com/watch?v=34PJxPoZZg0

Funnily enough, I’ve never actually seen that interview before! :O So no, but I’ll see if I can find the dress!! xx

emma188 asked: Hi, the overalls worn by Emma in Madrid are put on sale on more website: Nordstrom, SINGER22,... This is a link from Frame denim website: frame-denim(.)com/collection/le-high-skinny-overall-onyx

Thank you darling! xx

Anonymous asked: Any chance you've happened to find the green military like jacket Emma has worn on two occasions? One in NY with Matt and the same for London as well? Thanks!

No luck so far, but I am still looking! xx